Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences in Nitra Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1338-5178 special issue 3 (Food Sciences) vol. 4 2015-02-02 2015-02-02 THE EVALUATION OF NICKEL, CHROMIUM, LEAD AND MERCURY CONTENT IN SWEET CORN 87 90 EN Miriama Kopernická Miriama Kopernická Tomáš Tóth Tomáš Tóth Ľuboš Harangozo Ľuboš Harangozo Beáta Volnová Beáta Volnová Petra Kavalcová Petra Kavalcová Ádám Elek Ádám Elek In the framework of monitoring, we have focused on the analysis of the levels of nickel, chromium, lead and mercury in 9 samples of sweet corn (frozen and canned) from the commercial network of the Slovak Republic. Homogenised samples of sweet corn were mineralized using microwave digestion unit MARS X-press and next analysed by atomic absorption spectrometer VARIAN 240 FS for tested metal concentration, excluding mercury which was was determined by automatic mercury analyser AMA 254.Nickel content in all samples was in the range of 0.376 – 0.556 mg.kg-1, chromium content was 0.088 – 0.546 mg.kg-1, lead content was 0.054 – 0.146 mg.kg-1 and mercury content was 0.000013 – 0.011458 mg.kg-1. The measured values have been compared with the limit values set out legislation for the maximum quantity of hazardous elements according to the Food Code of the Slovak Republic. From the point of view of the sanitary evaluation, the content of nickel, chromium, lead and mercury were not exceeded in either sample.
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