Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences in Nitra Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1338-5178 no. 1 vol. 5 2015-08-01 2015-08-01 THE EFFECT OF INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS OF TOTAL MIXED RATION (TMR) ON PRECISION DOSING TO MIXER FEEDER WAGONS 60 63 EN Marie Šístkova Marie Šístkova Martin Pšenka Martin Pšenka Vladimír Kaplan Vladimír Kaplan Jiří Potěšil Jiří Potěšil Jiří Černín Jiří Černín At present, in large-scale breeding of cattle occurs no longer feeding with one forage feeding system. The cattle are fed with feeding technique called total mixed ration (TMR). In TMR are all the feeds (bulky and grainy) and mineral and vitamin supplements mixed into a homogenous mixture. For the mixing of individual components of TMR are used mixer feeder wagons, that can be used not only for mixing of feeding ration, but also for discharging the fodder from wagon to fodder table in barn. Very important is the accuracy of dosing the individual components into the ration. The aim is to ascertain the precision during loading of individual components into the mixer feeder wagons. When loading, the dosing accuracy is influenced by many factors. Most important ones are used technique (loaders, hoppers, chopping devices, silage block cutters), human factor (expertise and responsibility of the operator), physical properties of the individual components (size, shape and density) and the loaded weight of components. On a cattle-breeding farms (600 pcs), was performed accuracy monitoring of loading selected individual components of TMR, common to several kinds of recipes, such as CCM (corn cob mix), haylage, silage and straw into mixer feeder wagons Storti Labrador 120 and Cernin C11. These mixer feeder wagons are equipped with electronic tensometric scales and responder for transfer of data to PC. From the PC software was, by the individual components, investigated programed weight (kg), actually loaded weight (kg) and deviations between programed and actually loaded weight (%).
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