Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences in Nitra Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1338-5178 no. 1 vol. 5 2015-08-01 2015-08-01 EFFECT OF MAGNESIUM D - GLUCONATE FORTIFICATION ON HEAT STABILITY OF GOAT’S MILK AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES, SENSORY CHARACTERISTIC AND TEXTURE PROFILE OF YOGHURTS DURING COLD STORAGE 68 72 EN Agata Znamirowska Agata Znamirowska Katarzyna Szajnar Katarzyna Szajnar Małgorzata Pawlos Małgorzata Pawlos Dorota Kalicka Dorota Kalicka Average consumption of magnesium in Poland does not satisfy people’s daily demand for this element; therefore it is necessary to supplement it. In the conducted experiment there was established the possibility of using magnesium D-gluconate for enriching yoghurts and goat’s milk. The highest dose of magnesium, which did not cause protein precipitation during pasteurization, was the addition of 20 mg of magnesium for 100 g of goat’s milk. Fortification with magnesium decreases pH and increases the hardness of yoghurts. Yoghurts enriched with magnesium during the whole storage period were better preferred by consumers than control yoghurts (without magnesium). Fortification with magnesium increases the intensity of milky-creamy taste and decreases the intensity of “goat” taste in goat’s milk yoghurts. The amount of the introduced magnesium does not significantly change the cohesiveness and adhesiveness of yoghurts within 21-day-storage period.
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