Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences in Nitra Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1338-5178 vol.6 2016 2016-10-03 2016-10-03 CHEMICAL AND NUTRITIONAL PROPERTIES OF SOME COMMERCIAL AVAILABLE CORN AND WHEAT PRODUCTS 863 866 EN Muhammad Usman Khan Muhammad Usman Khan Majid Majeed Majid Majeed Muhammad Tayyab Muhammad Tayyab Mohammad Ali Shariati Mohammad Ali Shariati Shilan Rashidzadeh Shilan Rashidzadeh Commercial corn and wheat products were obtained and investigated for, proximate composition, mineral composition and tocopherol content. Proximate composition shows moisture content in the range of 28.75-2.75%, ash (2.70-0.32%), fats (21.52 -0.75%), protein (11.54-0.940%), crude fiber (4.06-0.250%) and carbohydrates (85.80-55.96%). The data indicate that Commercial corn and wheat products vary greatly in term of protein, fats and crude fiber. White flour and whole wheat flour were determined to contain high protein content (>10% protein) while oil popped popcorn and biscuit contain high fats content of >20%. In minerals the level of iron is 9.56-51.21mg/kg, Ca (50-560 mg/kg), Zn (1.90-32.40 mg/kg), K (820-2946) and Mg (310-1512 mg/kg). Tocopherol analysis was also done by the HPLC and found that Alpha tocopherol showed higher concentration than gamma and sigma tocopherol. In tocopherols level of alpha tocopherol is 0.3385-7.135 mg/100g, Gamma tocopherol (0.000212-9.665 mg/100g)Sigmmatocopherol (0.00212-1.685 mg/100g).
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