Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences in Nitra Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1338-5178 vol. 6 2017 2017-02-01 2017-02-01 ISOLATION AND MOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF THREE BACILLUS STRAINS FOR THEIR TOLERANCE AGAINST VARIOUS HEAVY METALS 1065 1069 EN Madhulika Chauhan Madhulika Chauhan Manu Solanki Manu Solanki Heavy metal contamination due to natural and anthropogenic sources is a global environmental threat which can produce harmful effects on human health when they are taken up in amounts that cannot be processed by the organism. Technologies involving microbial cells for metal removal and recovery may provide an alternative to conventional methods. In the present study, three cadmium resistant bacteria were isolated from soil collected from industrial area of Faridabad, Haryana, India. Screening of the bacterial isolates for metal resistance against Cd2+, Ni2+, Hg2+, Cu+2 and Pb2+ was done by determining the minimal inhibitory concentration ranging from 10ppm to 250ppm. Moreover these isolates showed a significant ability to remove 70 to 78% of cadmium. These isolates were identified as Bacillus sp.263ZY1 (MA5), Bacterium YC-LK-LKJ45 (MB5) and Bacillus subtilis strain DHXJ07(MC5) on the basis of 16S r-RNA gene sequencing. The ability of these microbes to tolerate high concentration of a range of heavy metals provides a scope of use of these bacterial strains for bioremediation of heavy metal from industrial effluent.
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