Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences in Nitra Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1338-5178 vol. 6 2017 2017-06-01 2017-06-01 THE EFFECT OF ADDED PUMPKIN FLOUR ON SENSORY AND TEXTURAL QUALITY OF RICE BREAD 1269 1271 EN Vikendra Dabash Vikendra Dabash Iva Burešová Iva Burešová Marián Tokár Marián Tokár Michaela Zacharová Michaela Zacharová Robert Gál Robert Gál The impact of added pumpkin flour (1–10 g/100 g) on sensory and textural quality of rice bread was studied on rice biologically leavened rice bread. Specific volume, baking loss, crumb springiness, cohesiveness and resilience decreased with increasing amount of pumpkin flour. The opposite trend was found in crumb hardness and chewiness. Color measurements revealed that the lightness decreased and the greenness increased with increasing amount of pumpkin flour. Bread crumb and crust characteristics were not significantly impacted by the amount of added pumpkin flour. Additionally, the bread taste and flavor were decreased in breads with 8–10 g/100 g of added pumpkin flour, resulting in their lower overall acceptability. Weak impact of added pumpkin flour on sensory evaluation of rice bread may be related to a reduced amount of the panelists involved in this study. The addition of 1–7 g/100 g of pumpkin flour seems to be applicable to rice bread production. More extensive study will, however, be performed to describe the impact of added pumpkin flour on sensory quality of rice bread in more details.
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