Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences in Nitra Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1338-5178 no. 3 vol. 7 2017-12-01 2017-12-01 CHEMICAL AND SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS OF CHICKEN BREAST MEAT AFTER DIETARY SUPPLEMENTATION WITH PROBIOTIC GIVEN IN COMBINATION WITH BEE POLLEN AND PROPOLIS 275 280 EN Lenka Trembecká Lenka Trembecká Peter Haščík Peter Haščík Juraj Čuboň Juraj Čuboň Marek Bobko Marek Bobko Petronela Cviková Petronela Cviková Lukáš Hleba Lukáš Hleba The present study evaluated the effect of probiotic in combination with bee pollen and propolis in diet of broilers on chemical and sensory characteristics of chicken breast meat. A total of 180 one-d-old chicks of mixed sex were randomly assigned to three dietary groups as follows: 1. control group (C); 2. basal diet supplemented with 400 mg bee pollen (ethanol extract) per 1 kg of feed and 3.3 g probiotic (Lactobacillus fermentum) per day in water (E1); 3. basal diet supplemented with 400 mg propolis (ethanol extract) per 1 kg of feed and 3.3 g probiotic (Lactobacillus fermentum) per day in water (E2). Chicken meat was analyzed for dry matter, crude protein, fat, ash, cholesterol, and energy value. Diet did not affect the chemical characteristics of chicken meat, except for supplementation with bee pollen and probiotic which resulted in increased fat content. As for sensory characteristics, dietary groups differ from each other in terms of aroma and overall acceptability. In addition, there was significant difference between the E1 group and groups C and E2 in terms of taste and tenderness. Significant differences were also detected between group E2 and groups C and E1 group in terms of juiciness. In conclusion, propolis + probiotic-supplemented group manifested the best results in terms of sensory characteristics. Propolis extract can be thus recommended as a potential supplement providing rich nutrients and biological active substances in chicken diet that is (together with probiotic) capable of improving the sensory quality of chicken breast meat.
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