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Special issue 1 – part B 2013, vol. 2, special issue 1 part B
pages: 2059-2066
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate texture of winter wheat bread. Winter wheat was cultivated in ecological (ES) and integrated (IS) farming system with two levels of fertilizing. Farming systems were established at research base Dolná Malanta in western Slovakia on a Haplic Luvisol. The experimental field altitude is 178 m, average annual precipitations 586 mm, average year temperature 10.4 °C. Subplots were fertilized (F) and unfertilized (N) variants. The F variant in ES was based on 40 t of manure, the IS also recieved 40 t of manure plus synthetic fertilizers. The effect of farming systems and two levels of fertilization on qualitative parameters of winter wheat was observed in the year 2009 and 2010. Farming system had no statistically significant effect on the bread crumb texture. Weather conditions, forecrop and fertilizing had significant influence on bread crumb texture. Year had the significant effect on every texture parameter, better values was reached in 2010. Forecrop had significant effect on crumb firmness and stiffness. After alfalfa as forecrop was found the best bread texture, the worst after forecrop pea. Fertilizing positively affected all texture parameters of bread.
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