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Special issue 1 – part A 2013, vol. 2, special issue 1 part A
pages: 1231-1243
Article type: Biotechnology of Biotechnology
Abstract: In this study, differences in growth characteristics (body weight, femoral weight and femoral length) of adult male rats after single cadmium (Cd), as well as, simultaneous exposure to Cd and diazinon (DZN), and after DZN, Cd and selenium (Se) co-administration were investigated. One-month-old male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups of 10 animals each. In the first group (A), rats received a drinking water containing 30 mg of CdCl2/l for 90 days. In the second group (B), males were orally dosed with combination of40 mg of DZN/l and 30 mg of CdCl2/l in drinking water for 90 days. In the third group C, rats were administered by 40 mg of DZN/l in combination with 5 mg of Na2SeO3/l and 30 mg of CdCl2/l in drinking water for the same treatment period. The fourth group of males without additive toxicants, served as a control group (D). The statistical analysis of obtained data showed a beneficial effect of Cd sole dose on femoral weight in adult male rats. Significant changes in femoral weight were observed between rats from the groups A and B, and A and C. On the other hand, there were no significant differences in body weight and femoral length between all experimental (A, B, C) and control (D) groups. Considerable differences were identified only for femoral length among the groups A and C, and the groups B and C. Our results suggest a protective influence of Cd against Se-induced reduction in body weight and femoral length in rats simultaneously exposed to DZN, Se and Cd in their drinking water. However, positive influence of Cd on rat´s femoral weight is likely suppressed by the toxicity of DZN and/or DZN in combination with Se.
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