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February 2014, vol. 3, special issue 3 (Food Sciences)
pages: 190-194
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: The basic prerequisite for the production of bakery products of a good quality is the knowledge of the quality parameters of raw materials introduced in the production process and the ability to use their potential. The bread making properties of 17 pure European wheat cultivars were analysed. Baking experiments were carried out according to the methodology of the research workplace; 1000 g of flour was processed with the addition of salt, sugar and yeast. Fermentation for 35 minutes at 30 ° C was followed by the baking with steaming (at 240 ° C and then 220 ° C). During an experimental baking test the selected parameters: loaf volume (cm3), specific loaf volume (cm3.100g-1 loaf), volume efficiency (cm3.100g-1 flour), cambering (loaf height/width ratio), bread yield (%), bread yield baking loss (%) in bread were evaluated.
Loaf volume has been considered as the most important criterion for the bread-making quality. In the analysed samples (11 varieties of Slovak origin and 6 varieties of Serbian origin), the value of this parameter ranged from 3575 cm3 to 5575 cm3 with higher values occurred in Slovak varieties (average 4 640.91 cm3) compared to the Serbian varieties (average 4 363.33 cm3). Based on the complex evaluation of wheat varieties of the Slovak and Serbian origin assessing the selected quality parameters of the baking experiment it can be concluded that in terms of baking quality the three Slovak varieties IS Ezopus, Bonavita and Jarissa were the best. Therefore, they are recommended for cultivation and their subsequent use in the baking industry, in particular for the production of bread According to a baking quality the evaluated varieties can be sorted from best to worst in the following order: IS Ezopus (SK) > Bonavita (SK) > Jarissa (SK) > IS Questor > Etida (SRB) > Venistar (SK) > Renesansa (SRB) > IS Conditor (SK) > IS Corvinus (SK) > Zvezdana (SRB) > Simonida (SRB) > Viglanka (SK) > IS Agape (SK) > NS 40S (SRB) > Panonnija (SRB) > IS Escoria (SK) > IS Gordius (SK).
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