22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

23rd June - 26th June 2014 | CCH - Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies

The 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition acknowledges the rising interest in the potential of algae as energy crops by dedicating sessions to the topic as well as by hosting the parallel event “Algae event 2014”.

Following a call for abstracts earlier this year, organisers have now published the finalized programme for the Algae Event 2014, which is due to take place on Wednesday 25th June at the Congress Centre in Hamburg, Germany.

This event will be dedicated to getting a better understanding on how algae fit into the current biomass industry and how they could contribute to a sustainable bioeconomy in the future.

The presentations will address the most critical issues faced by the industry and will be divided in four oral sessions on

  • Cultivation
  • Conversion methods and biorefineries
  • Products and applications
  • Sustainability and economics

Posters will be presented at the end of each oral session.

The speakers will be from academia and industry, and from several European countries as well as Chile and India.

Ample time will be given to the audience to address questions to the presenters and promote the exchange of ideas during open discussions.

The Algae Event 2014 is an official event of the 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition.  Registration for the event is now open and anyone wishing to attend the Algae Event can do so by visiting http://www.eubce.com/Registration.2111.0.html

More information on the event at http://www.algae-event.com

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Maureen Yap at maureen.yap@etaflorence.it

With kind regards and looking forward to exciting sessions,

The organizer group,

Angela Grassi,
ETA-Florence Renewable Energies

Shaun Richardson
Swansea University

Giuliano Grassi,
EUBIA, European Biomass Industry Association

Matteo Prussi
RE-CORD, Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration