2nd Annual Discovery Chemistry & Drug Design Congress 2014

2nd June - 3rd June 2014 | Geneva
Oxford Global Conferences - date will be announced later

Pharma R&D Europe Series

Oxford Global Conferences are proud to introduce the 2014 Pharma R&D Series – Europe’s premiere networking platform for Drug Discovery & Development executives.

This year’s flagship event, the 15th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders’ Summit, will focus on innovation. The drug discovery industry faces a decade of monumental change – stem cell research, generic threat, big data challenges, PHC strategies and the growing focus on biologics all threaten to change the face of the global market. Our expert speakers will discuss the new thinking thrown up by current uncertainties and the most viable strategies for translating this innovation into tangible business benefits.

The Drug Discovery Summit has a long-held association with the world leaders in medicinal chemistry. This year, we are bringing these thought-leaders and their ground-breaking case studies into the spotlight with our dedicated 2nd Annual Discovery Chemistry & Drug Design Congress.

To maintain the extensive networking opportunities enjoyed by last year’s delegates, the discovery summit will once again be co-located with our European development event. The 6th Annual Drug Development Congress has a particular focus on topics such as collaborative working and translational research which impact on executives working on all areas of the drug pipeline.

The Pharma R&D Europe Series will take place on the 2 & 3 June at the InterContinental Hotel, Geneva. For more details on each event and links to the relevant congress websites, please see below.

15th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders’ Summit
The summit explores new approaches to screening, assay development and target identification, while experts describe the data integration technologies capable of supporting this innovation. Our esteemed speaker panel will also discuss their strategies for harnessing external innovation and building effective collaborative working methods.

2nd Annual Discovery Chemistry & Drug Design Congress
The congress features presentations on lead optimisation, structure-activity relationships and multi-target drug discovery. Our internationally renowned speakers will also discuss the latest developments in drug design, including anti-target modelling, new theories of protein-ligand binding and the impact of kinase data on selectivity profiling.


6th Annual Drug Development Congress
Key decision makers in drug development will discuss translational modelling, safety & efficacy prediction and PK/PD testing. Presentations will also explore the latest methods to improve decision making in drug development; from advances in biomarker technology, to the increasing use of NGS applications.