21st May - 22nd May 2014 | Brno, Czech Republic
Mendel University in Brno


About the Animal Physiology 2014


The focus of the international conference will be animal morphology and physiology in relation to production, reproduction, lactation, functions of the immune system, nutrition etc., as well as human and molecular physiology. The objective of the conference is to provide a platform for scientific and scientific-educational workers offering them to publish and discuss the results of their scientific and research activities and to exchange information and experience with their research methods and new working procedures.

Welcome to Brno

Brno is the second largest town in the Czech Republic with a population of ca 400, 000 and is the centre of the South Moravian Region. Brno is a town of universities, a centre of science and research and the capital town of trade fairs. Brno can boast of a number of theatres, museums, galleries and clubs. Among the most important sights we can rank the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (Petrov), Spilberk Castle, Castle Veveří, the villa Tugendhat (UNESCO), BVV Trade Fairs Brno-exhibition centre, Automotodrome Brno, ZOO Brno, the Brno dam.

In the 19th century Johan Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) carried out his experiments with pea plants in Brno. His work went down in world history as Mendel’s laws of genetics; Mendel also gave the name to our university – Mendel University in Brno (

The symbol of South Moravia is wine and thanks to its favourable position South Moravia was the crossroads of trading paths already thousand years ago, a place where people from all corners of the then known world met. This hospitable region offers a number of sights, a picturesque landscape, unique cultural traditions and superb gastronomy. In the neighbourhood of Brno you will find for example:

  • The Austerlitz battlefield – Napoleonic wars, the Battle of the Three Emperors 1805
  • Moravian Carst – many caves, including the fabled Macocha (Stepmother) Abyss
  • Pálava and the Lednice-Valtice area – on the UNESCO list – parkland, castles, temples, chapels, minaret, archaeological excavations, vineyards, orchards
  • Slovakian Moravia – folk songs, folk costumes, dances, festivals, traditional crafts

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Visa Requirements

The Czech Republic is an EU member country and is part of the Shengen Agreement. If you need a VISA to enter Czech Republic, please apply in due time and contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic in your country. For information, you can also visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, website,

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Phone calls

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Electricity used in the Czech Republic is 220 Volts, its frequency is 50 Hz and the plugs have two male contact points. Plan to bring a transformer if your electrical device has a different voltage.


Dial 112 – Call free (only from within the Czech Republic).


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