II. International Plant Breeding Congress (2nd IPBC) and The Oil and Protein Crops Section Conference of EUCARPIA

1st November - 5th November 2015 | Antalya, Turkey
Plant Breeders Union of Turkey (BISAB)


The Second International Plant Breeding Congress (2nd IPBC) and EUCARPIA – Oil and Protein Section Conference organized by the Plant Breeders Union of Turkey (BISAB) with the support of several national and international partners will be held in Antalya, Turkey between 1-5 November 2015. The 1st IPBC was held again in Antalya, Turkey on 10-14 November 2013 with a great participation of 650 researchers from all over the world.

The Congress topics will cover:

  • Plant Breeding
  • Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Genetic Engineering and Genomics
  • Genetic Resources for Plant Breeding
  • Oil and Protein Crops

The Congress will be carried out under three different sections as field crops, horticultural crops and oil &  protein crops .  It is intended that the subjects to be kept broad in order to provide opportunity to the science and research community to present their works as oral or poster presentations. It is also planned that the Congress languages will be in ARABIC, ENGLISH, SPANISH, RUSSIAN and TURKISH . There will be simultaneous translation during the Congress at these five languages.

As there have been many different scientific meetings around the world, we aimed to bring three different communities together, namely science, research and private investment groups considering practical information sharing that will be of value for breeders, seed enterprises, researchers and scientists, in a friendly environment of Antalya, Turkey to share their knowledge and experience and benefit from each other.

We cordially extend our invitation to you and your colleagues and look forward to welcoming you in Antalya.

With our best wishes,


Dr Vehbi ESER
Vice-President of BISAB
Head of Organizing CO

Doç. Dr Yalçın KAYA

Prof. Dr. Bülent UZUN
Oil and Protein Crops Section of EUCARPIA