International Summit on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

3rd August - 5th August 2015 | Valencia, Spain
Omics Group Inc.

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OMICS Group is officially inviting for the International Summit on Antimicrobial Agent and Chemotherapy, duringAugust 03-05, 2015 in Valencia, Spain. Chemotherapy-2015 will focus on the latest databases, curation and research done in each and every area of the cancer and its therapy which will help patients to get relief. Through this conference it will offer a unique opportunity for participants, investigators globally to meet, network, and perceive new scientific interactions.


  • Cancer Cells and Its Origin
  • Genetics and Cancer
  • Radiation
  • Womens and Cancer
  • Management of Cancer
  • Clinical Care of Cancer
  • Control And Epidemiology
  • Clinical Research on Initial and Advanced Stage
  • Risk Assessment Tools and Stress
  • Copying with Cancer

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