2nd June - 3rd June 2014 | Geneva, Switzerland
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Registration is now closing for Oxford Global’s Pharma R&D Europe Series, the leading pharmaceutical discussion forum in Europe.
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  • 15th Annual Drug Discovery Summit
  • 6th Annual Drug Development Congress
  • 2nd Annual Discovery Chemistry & Drug Design Congress

Topics include:

Clinical Predictive Safety:  Translational Safety and Safety Biomarkers (Including Imaging)

  • Modelling and simulation for predictive clinical safety – challenges and benefits
  • Examples of clinical safety modelling and simulation for decision-making in drug development
  • Clinical safety biomarkers – key principles, development and qualification for clinical use
  • Examples of clinical safety biomarkers in drug development incl applications of imaging



Magnus Nord, Global Section Director Safety Science, AstraZeneca

Exploratory Toxicology And Mechanism Based Toxicity Testing

  • Incorporation of exploratory toxicology and pathology practices (e.g. target expression profiling, GEM phenotyping, integrated pharmacology, and safety biomarkers) in drug discovery & development
  • Rationale, approach, and balancing resources for achieving success in investigative toxicology studies
  • Proper integration of transcriptomics, biomarkers, and tissue morphology to understand mechanism based toxicity



Vito Sasseville, Executive Director, Preclinical Safety: Discovery & Investigative Safety, Novartis

Using Knowledge-Based Design to Develop Antibodies Specific for Difficult Targets

  • The most interesting functional targets are often highly conserved between species as a result they are particularly difficult targets for antibody generation using currently available approaches.
  • We have overcome prior failures of phage and immunization approaches by employing knowledge-based design strategies including homology modeling, protein design software and algorithms to drive combinatorial sampling of CDRs to design new antibodies in silico.
  • The development of an antibody specific for the Müllerian Inhibiting Substance’s highly conserved binding site on it’s Type II Receptor using these methods will be discussed.


Gregory Adams, Director, Biological Research and Therapeutics, Fox Chase Cancer Center     



Our speaker programmes have been carefully researched, ensuring delegates are exposed to the highest level of expertise. Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Pamela Garzone, Executive Director Biotechnology Clinical Research, Pfizer
  • Joerg Bluemel, Director Biologics Safety Assessment, Translational Sciences, MedImmune
  • Magnus Nord, Global Section Director Safety Science, AstraZeneca
  • Vito Sasseville, Executive Director, Preclinical Safety: Discovery & Investigative Safety, Novartis
  • Christian Montalbetti, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Inventiva
  • Andy Harrell, Director, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, GSK


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