Soil, Plant and Food Interaction

6th September - 8th September 2011 | Brno, Czech republic

We have the honour to invite you to take part in the international conference
Soil, Plant and Food Interactions,
which will be held in 6 – 8 September 2011.
 The international conference focuses comprehensively on mutual relations between soil, plant and fertilizers, directed at the production of quality consumables and consumables’ raw materials. This fundamental function of agriculture (the production of sufficient quantities of quality, affordable and healthy food) must not be underestimated, namely with regard to the need for the production of healthy, high nutrition value consumables in the future. Nevertheless, it is necessary to respect principles of sustainability, with an emphasis on extra-production, and the social and environmental dimensions of agriculture. In order to sustain soil fertility, as soil’s primary property, the immediate impact comprises particularly microbiological, physical and chemical properties, which can be significantly influenced by human activity. Therefore, the basic and applied research in these fields must focus on gaining new knowledge that will contribute to the higher competitive strength and economy of agricultural farms.