The III International Conference on Antimicrobial Research – ICAR2014

1st October - 3rd October 2014 | Madrid, Spain
Formatex Research Center, Spain

You are cordially invited to participate in the III International Conference on Antimicrobial Research – ICAR2014, which will be held in Madrid (Spain) from 1 to 3 October 2014.

ICAR2014 will be a forum to communicate current research priorities and progress, and to identify new approaches and research opportunities in the following fields:

Antimicrobial natural products
Antimicrobial microbes
Antimicrobial materials science and surface chemistry. Antimicrobials in consumer products
Antimicrobial chemistry
Non-antibiotic biocides
Antimicrobial physics
Clinical and medical microbiology, infectious diseases and antimicrobials. Public health
Strengthening of innate immune system as antimicrobial strategy
Antimicrobial resistance. Mechanisms of action of antimicrobial agents
Attenuation of virulence as antimicrobial strategy
Techniques and Methods
Please, take some time to read the detailed list of Topics that will be discussed at the conference.


It is in the spirit of this conference to attract researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines that are contributing in the fighting against harmful microorganisms, not only those more traditionally involved in this research area (microbiologists, biochemists, genetists, clinicians…), but also experimental and theoretical/computational chemists (rational design of antimicrobial compounds, chemical synthesis, analogs, surface modification of materials…), physicists (radiation, nano-emulsions (surface tension), ultrasounds, antimicrobial materials, properties of nano-materials…) or engineers (technologies).

The previous edition of ICAR was held in Lisbon (Portugal)  during 21-23 November 2012 and was attended by around 425 researchers from nearly 60 countries. We expect this year’s edition to be as successful as the previous one in terms of quality, relevance and attendance.