World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology

18th August - 20th August 2015 | Frankfurt, Germany
Omics Group Inc.

About Organizer

OMICS group Inc., has organized more than 300 conferences around the world. Our goal is to reach the the scientific research to All, through our 400 open access journals from all the leading themes of life science, engineering and technology. World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology- 2015 is proudly organized by OMICS Group with the support of the editorial board from the:  Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination (IF- 1.51), Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology (IF- 2.16), and The Journal of Advances in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

Objective of the Congress

Great researches in the past and continuing investigations has enabled to harness the potential of microbes in the varied field of applied science.  Science of microbiology has come a long way from the era of fermentation to the age of nanotechnology in delivering drugs and microenvironment management.  World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology – 2015 will offer an excellent knowledge platform to academia and B2B partners for discussing the greater trends in the field of applied microbiology in day-to-day lives.

Billion Dollar Industry – Daywise Topics

Day 1: June 22, 2015

Microbiology of Bacteria ,Viral & Fungi – Classification of microbes has helped to identify the pathogens from symbionts.  It has huge scope in tackling the challenges posed by microbes around the world. Tapping their potential is equally a challenge this industry has stepped into

Industrial Microbiology  – Through out the century, fermentation process has helped beer breweries and fizzy drink factories earn billion around the world

Day 2: June 23, 2015

Food Microbiology – Enzymes and microorganisms are used to produce fine quality consumables and also help to study the food spoilages and poisonings. A fine example of cutting edge billion dollar market

Marine Microbiology – Oceans underneath is bubbling with lifeforms of various sizes. Understanding and transforming their molecular biology for potential use is done with much greater excitement these days

Environmental Microbiology  With the help of bioremediation and biodegradation waste treatment plants has helped recycle the valuable products and safe disposal of hazardous byproducts

Day 3: June 24, 2015

Agricultural Microbiology – Studying the symbionts and soil nature has helped to produce the nutrient rich bio products.  Organic food products has greater health benefits and high profit margins

Pharmaceutical Industries – Fine tuned microbes are used to produce higher grade antibiotics, vaccines, vitamins, enzymes, dietary supplements, and more

Biofuels/Petroleum Microbiology more Researches on fnding alternative energies are goings with some of the results showing extreme promises towards the expansion of this science

Academia/Industrial Participation

Microbio-2015, Germany will witness around 300 and more academia and industrial attedees from Europe and other countries. The study outcomes from the universities and microbial research institutes by Professors, Research fellows and scientific eminences around the world will be presented in the context of improving the microbial products for successful applications. We will have the expertise talks from Bacteriologists, Virologists, Marine biologists, Mycologist, Parasitologists, Instrumentation engineers, System biologists, Genetic and protein engineers, Food processing experts, Soil and agricultural biologist, Ecologist, Chairman/Vice-chairman from industries and all other experts of relevant field.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Opportunities

Microbio-2015, Germany has exhibitor spaces available for product promotion by industrial exhibitors or act as the potential sponsor to introduce products of academia, industrial and field applications. Exhibitor booths are served on First come First serve basis depending on the space availability.  Timely notification to the organizers is highly recommended to make appropriate arrangements. Please call/e-mail to the event organizers for further details.

“Made in Germany”

Germany has the reputation for being the  industrial stronghold of automobile and advanced engineering industries which is also known for setting the golden standards in innovation and outstanding quality assurance in various field of life science.  Germany has the home to some of the world renowned universities as such Heidelberg University, Leipzig University, University of Munich, University of Cologne, University of Dusseldorf, University of Hannover and more. For a delight, congress attendees may catch up with the best summer fesivity in Germany during the month of June where the musical celebrations in and around will be on full swing.  Adding to the excitement the country is filled with the landmarks of historical memories where you can stop-by.

As and which, all are invited to have a wonderful time in Germany !!