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April – May, 2012, vol. 1, no. 5
pages: 1259-1278
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: The increasing side effects and the cost of allopathic medicines make the consumer incline towards alternative therapeutic agents. As dietary supplements are the most consumers acceptable therapeutic agents the present study was carried out to develop a symbiotic soft cheese with new Lactobacillus strains. Synbiotic white soft cheese was manufactured using starter cultures containing Str. thermophilus as a main strain mixed (1:1) with one of the selected Lactobacillus strains (Lb. delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus, Lb. johnsonii NRRL B-2178, Lb. hilgardii NRRL B-1843 and Lb. curvatus NBIMCC-3452) with adding one of the selected prebiotics (dextrin and litesse) at the rate of 3 %. The moisture content, the pH values, titratable acidity, total nitrogen content % and soluble nitrogen %. as well as the bacteriological and organoleptic properties during storage at 7 C for 30 days of symbiotic white soft cheeses were evaluated. The results revealed that, there was significant difference (p<0.05) in all studied properties of white soft cheese .Moreover, symbiotic white soft cheese manufactured with synbiotic cultures containing probiotic Lb.curvatus NBIMCC-3452 and 3% of prebiotics (dextin or litesse) had the highest viability of these strains. The highest average sensory evaluation points were recorded in cheeses made with Str. thermophilus plus Lb. johnsonii NRRL B- 2178 (1:1) and 3 % dextrin; and Str. thermophilus plus Lb. curvatus NBIMC 3452 (1:1) and 3 % litesse at 20 days of refrigeration storage.
Finally, it could be recommended that combination among dextrin or litesse as prebiotics with Lactobacillus strains (Lb. hilgardii NRRL B-1843, Lb johnsonii NRRL B-2178 ad Lb. curvatus NBIMCC-3452) as probiotics for manufacturing symbiotic white soft cheeses with high quality and healthy properties. This could be providing with an additional symbiotic dairy product.
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