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April – May, 2012, vol. 1, no. 5
pages: 1295-1304
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: In the experiment, we used propolis extract (200 in feed mixture during 40 days of feeding (experimental group) of Ross 308 chickens. Then, we evaluated technological properties of poultry meat stored by freezing at -18 °C for 3 months. In the breast muscle, pH was 6.04 for control group and significantly lower (P≤0.01) 5.86 for experimental group but without negative influence on meat quality. In the thigh muscle, pH values between the groups (control – 6.12; experimental – 6.15) were not significant (P≥0.05). In the breast muscle, colour of meat was 26.17% R (control group) and 25.85% R (experimental group). Paler colour of meat was insignificantly recorded in control group. In thigh muscle, we found (P≥0.05) a higher value 18.78% R in experimental group compared with control group (18.57% R). In the breast muscle, shear force was slightly higher (P≥0.05) in experimental group (1.59 compared with control group (1.58 In the thigh muscle, higher value of shear force (P≥0.05) was recorded in control group (1.35 compared with experimental group (1.29 Baking losses were higher by 1.19% (P≥0.05) in experimental group (30.59%) compared with control group (29.40%). Results of the experiment confirm that propolis extract (200 can be applied in nutrition of Ross 308 chickens, because it has not negative effects and has not significant influence on selected technological indicators of poultry meat quality.
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