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April – May, 2014, vol. 3, no. 5
pages: 387-390
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: Thirty honey samples (18 monofloral, 6 multifloral and 6 honeydew) were collected directly from apiaries localized in the South-Eastern Poland. Monosaccharide profiles (glucose/fructose ratio) in honey were examined by HPLC method with ELSD-detection. The results were compared with other parameters used in honey sugar analysis, i.e. a level of reducing sugars measured by Lane-Eynon, sugar extract (refractometric), specific rotation angle and glucose content determined with Reflectoquant® test (Merck). Moreover, some physicochemical parameters such as: water content, free acids and HMF content by White method were tested.
The content of monosaccharides determined by HPLC (as sum of glucose and fructose) and Lane-Eynon methods were compared (r=0.83) and changed from 68% in rape honey to 78% on average in goldenrod honey. All studied honeys showed the ratio of fructose/glucose above 1.5. The measurement of the specific optical rotation allowed to distinguish nectar (-) and honeydew (+) honey, but due to the heterogeneity of the results, they could not be used for identification of the floral honeys. The results of reflectometric test for glucose level were positively correlated with values measured by HPLC method (r=0.73).
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