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December – January, 2011/12, vol. 1, no. 3
pages: 446-454
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: The basic chemical composition of potatoes is significantly influenced by variety. The dry matter content in evaluated varieties ranged from 20.68% (variety Vivaldi) to 25.12% (variety Jupiter). Even after three months of storage, the dry matter content was above 20% for all varieties. The largest decrease in dry matter was measured in variety Tomensa (0.60%). Correlation between starch content and the vegetation period was confirmed, when the lowest starch content was measured in a very early and early varieties. Levels of simple and reducing sugars during storage increased slightly in all varieties. Adora variety showed the lowest content of reducing sugars by both collections (up 0.20%), which meets the requirements for the production of chips (max. 0.25% reducing sugars). The highest values of reducing sugars showed varieties Victoria and Desire. Based on an overall assessment of carbohydrates as well as their changes during storage, varieties can be recommended for the production of food products and starch.
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