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December 2011 – January 2012, vol. 1, no. 3
pages: 395-408
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: This experiment was conducted in the Nawroz broiler's field in Asky-Kalak Mosul-Iraq. The effects of added dietary fat types and levels on broiler strain (Cobb500) of carcass performance were evaluated in three treatments. Treatment one (T1) supplied with 5% vegetable fat (VF) traditional fat used in most farms of Iraq (palm oil) treat by hydrogenation industry. Treatment two (T2) is mixing from 2.5% VF hydrogenation (palm oil) with 2.5% sunflower oil (SUN). Treatment three (T3) included 5% sunflower oil. Six repetitions were used from day one age to four marketing ages (42-45-48-51 days). The highest value for mosture in breast and thigh musle was in T3 (73.5%, 72.7%) respectivaly, high value for protein proportion in breast musle was in T2 (23.66%). Best value for thigh protein percentage was in T3 (22.89%). High value for fat proprotion in breast and thigh musles was in T1 (5.5%, 7.3%) respectivaly. Ash proprotion was high value in T2 for breast and thigh musles (1.3%, 1.2%) respectivaly, cholestrol was high value for both musles in T1 (59.1mg.100g-1 , 71.1mg.100g-1). Treatments and marketing ages were highly differences significant (P<0.01).
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