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December – January, 2020/21, vol. 10, no. 3
pages: 493-499
Article type: Biotechnology of Biotechnology
DOI: 10.15414/jmbfs.2020.10.3.493-499
Abstract: The research was aimed to determine the hypocholesterolemic property of microwave assisted defatted flaxseed extract (MADFEs) on rat model under study. The study trial included 25 male rats which were separated into 5 groups having 5 rats in each group. Twenty rats out of 25 were hypercholesterolemic and remaining 5 were normal rats. High cholesterol diet was administered for 15 days in order to induce hypercholesterolemia, and after the induction these rats were administered different concentrations of MADFEs (150, 300 & 450mg/kg B.W.) for a time interval of 28 days. A significant reduction was observed in the levels of lipid profile parameters by the administration of extracts. The extract at a dose of 300mg/kg B.W. was shown to have provided optimal results displaying lowered cholesterol content, triglyceride and LDL-c by 16.79%, 15.41% and 12.68%, while the level of HDL elevated by 14.71% in comparison to the control Fo group. Likewise, the percent increase in the concentrations of catalase and SOD by 10.89% and 29.38%. The study determined that MADFEs displayed hypocholesterolemic effect and can be utilized for its therapeutic benefits. The lignin present in defatted flaxseed provide with the potential against diseases.
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