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February 2012, vol. 1, Special issue
pages: 876-886
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: Legumes are an important group of cultural plants cultivated for their seeds which are suitable for human nutrition. They are rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and sugars in seeds guaranteeing a high biological value and a wide use in human nutrition. Experimental loaves prepared from mixtures of wheat flour T 512 and pulverized lentil and chickpea in amount of 10 – 50 % showed with higher addition lower volume, specific loaf volume, volume efficiency and cambering in comparison to control ones. Nevertheless, from nutritive point of view the higher content of proteins with a suitable fraction structure and higher content of minerals with substances indispensable for humans were a significant contribution. From the technological point of view chickpea appeared to be more suitable raw material. Its addition in a portion of 10 % improved technological parameters of pastry. From the nutritive point of view, lentil was an excellent raw material. The best qualitative parameters (objective as well as subjective) were found in bread with addition of 10 % of chickpea.
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