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February, 2014, vol. 3, special issue 2 (Biotechnology)
pages: 71-73
Article type: Biotechnology of Biotechnology
Abstract: Chitinases occur in dozens of genes in the individual plant species and play diverse roles in plant growth and development, and during the plant defense to biotic and abiotic stress. Here we focused on isolation and in silico characterization of regulatory sequences of chitinase gene that belongs to the first isolated gene sequences from D. rotundifolia overall. For the isolation of the 739 bp sequence of chitinase promoter the genome walking approach was applied. The authenticity of the obtained fragment(s) was verified by sequencing and sequence alignment ClustalW program. The core of the chitinase promoter was predicted by Neural Network Promoter Prediction program. In total the PLACE online available database identified 66 various cis-regulatory elements in the analyzed sequence. Some of them might be potentially bound by specific transcription factors, and regulate gene expression in specific plant tissues during the plant development or upon the pathogen attack, dehydration, cold or high salinity stress. However, further analyses are needed to reveal which out of predicted cis-elements participate in the true expression profile of isolated promoter in origin and transgenic plant organism.
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