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February, 2014, vol. 3, special issue 2 (Biotechnology)
pages: 134-137
Article type: Biotechnology of Biotechnology
Abstract: The aim of this study was identification of SNPs in leptin (LEP), leptin receptor (LEPR), growth hormone (GH) and specific pituitary transcription factor (Pit-1) genes in order to analyze genetic structure of Charolais bulls’ population. The total numbers of genomic DNA samples were taken from 52 breeding bulls and analyzed by PCR-RFLP method. After digestion with restriction enzymes were detected in bulls’ population alleles with frequency: LEP/Sau3AI A 0.83 and B 0.17 (±0.037); LEPR/BseGI C 0.95 and T 0.05 (±0.021), GH/AluI L 0.62 and V 0.38 (±0.048) and Pit1/HinfI A 0.40 and B 0.60 (±0.048). Based on the observed vs. expected genotypes frequencies population across loci were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (P>0.05), only in case of Pit-1 locus was detected disequilibrium. Predominant were in analyzed breeding bulls LEP/Sau3AIAA (0.69), LEPR/T945MCC (0.90), GH/AluILL (0.43) and Pit-1/HinfIAB (0.65) genotypes. The observed heterozygosity of SNPs was also transferred to the low (LEP/Sau3AI/0.248 and LEPR/T945M/0.088) or median polymorphic information content (GH/AluI/0.366 and Pit-1/HinfI/0.370). Within genetic variability estimating negative (LEPR/T945M and Pit-1/HinfI) and positive values (LEP/Sau3AI and GH/AluI) of fixation indexes FIS indicating slight heterozygote excess or deficiency based on analyzed genetic marker were observed.
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