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February – March, 2012, vol.1, no.4
pages: 455-465
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
Abstract: Antioxidants are specific substances that oxidize themselves and in this way they protect other sensitive bioactive food components against destruction. At the same time they restrict the activity of free radicals and change them to less active forms. Large group of antioxidants are polyphenols, which affect sensory properties of fruit, vegetable and some drinks, like colour (anthocyans), taste (flavonoids) or odour (phenols). The significant source of polyphenolic compounds are wines. Polyphenols (in optimal amount and combination), found mainly in red wines, have very complex (positive) effects on organism. The aim of this work was to determine chosen antioxidant properties of the best-selling quality red wines - Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent, originating from different Slovak vineyard areas. Total polyphenols content was determined with phenol Folin-Ciocalteau´s reagent and antioxidant activity was determined using DPPH stable free radical. Both parameters were determined by UV-VIS absorption spectrometry. The determined total polyphenol contents in observed wines were within the interval 1579 – 2734 mg.L-1 (Blaufränkisch), respectively 1409 – 3276 mg.L-1 (St. Laurent). Antioxidant activity in wines was within the interval 80.2 – 86.4 % (Blaufränkisch), respectively 71.0 – 84.8 % (St. Laurent). The differences between results of measured antioxidant properties (total polyphenol contents and antioxidant activities) of the wines originating from some vineyard Slovak areas were statistically significant.
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