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Abstracts Special issue on Animal Physiology, 2013, vol. 2, Abstracts special issue
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Article type: Biotechnology of Biotechnology
Abstract: The aim of our study was to evaluate motility parameters of rabbit sperm due to different concentrations of resveratrol at different time periods (0 and 120 minutes). Motility parameters were evaluated at room temperature (22-25°C) by detailed analysis of CASA. The samples were collected from adult rabbits (n=5) and diluted with saline with addition of resveratrol - experimental group A (0.5 mg/mL), group B (0.75 mg/mL), group C (0.875 mg/mL), group D (1 mg/mL) and control group K witout resveratrol addition. The highest motility (85.36%) was observed after addition of the lowest resveratrol concentration (group B) at time 0. The significantly (p<0.001) lower values were measured in group A (71.40%) and C (74.14%) in comparison to the control group (89.32%). After 2 hours incubation was lowest motility in the group B (53.63%), while the highest in the group A (62.08%). Progressive motility of the sperm had the same tendency. In the group with the highest concentration of resveratrol was the lowest progressive motility (65.84%) and the highest in the group with the lowest concentration of resveratrol (81.95%). After 2 hours incubation there were significant differences of pregressive motility in comparison to control group. The highest value was in the group D (57.24%) and the lowest in the group A (50.32%). In measurement of distance parameters we observed the lowest values after addition of the highest concentrations of resveratrol. Similar trend was also observed in the evaluation of speed parameters. In conclusion we can state that the addition of any amount of resveratrol to sperm decreased motility parameters immediately after addition and also after longer time of incubation. Motility was decreased directly proportionally with increasing of resveratrol concentrations and time of exposure. The obtained results show the negative impact of resveratrol on rabbit sperm motility.
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