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June – July, 2017, vol. 6, no. 6
pages: 1272-1275
Article type: Food Sciences of Food Sciences
DOI: 10.15414/jmbfs.2017.6.6.1272-1275
Abstract: Amylases have potential application in a wide number of industrial processes such as food, fermentation and pharmaceutical industries. The present study mainly focused on screening of amylase producing Bacillus subtilis, production by solid-state fermentation using rice straw and banana pseudo stem and its optimization for amylase activity in dough preparation, effect on bread making and analysis of bread quality. Maximum production of amylase was obtained after 24hrs of incubation. The optimum pH for enzyme activity was found to be at pH 7 and the optimum temperature for the activity was found to be at the range of 30 – 70oC. The combination of 0.8g yeast and 300 U of amylase gave better results than enzyme alone for the better dough preparation.
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