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October – November, 2016, vol.6 , no. 2
pages: 851-857
Article type: Microbiology of Microbiology
DOI: 10.15414/jmbfs.2016.6.2.851-857
Abstract: Waste utilization is the global problem of modern society. Waste products display negative influence on environment and human health for a long time, consequently different methods have been developed for waste disposal. They include application of physical, chemical and biological degradation. Special interest is induced by using microbial cultures such as Pseudomonas. The article considers Pseudomonas genus as the effective key to the solution of relevant problem lifting adverse effects of toxic by-products. The studies revealed that pseudomonades due to metabolic and physiological diversity are able to degrade a wide range of compounds hazardous to living organisms. Indeed, during biodegradation bacteria produce secondary metabolites that can be used in medicine, industry, agriculture and bioremediation. Waste serves in this case as a cheap source of carbon and nitrogen. The genus possesses vast potential in both tackling contamination problems and production of valuable compounds for numerous applications.
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