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February – March, 2018, vol. 7, no. 4
pages: 416-420
Article type: Biotechnology of Biotechnology
DOI: 10.15414/jmbfs.2018.7.4.416-420
Abstract: The genetic diversity was assessed in 102 individual genotypes in two national goose breeds Suchovska and Slovak and one extinct production crossbreed Tesedik Goose. A total of 40 alleles were found across 6 detected microsatellite loci with a mean number of 6.67 alleles per locus. The mean observed heterozygosity in total population was 0.40. The degree of inbreeding of Suchovska, Slovak and Tesedik calculated as a mean FIS was 0.15, 0.11 and 0.07 respectively. The populations were low differentiated, with a mean FST value 0.075 in total population. The highest genetic distance was estimated between Slovak and Tesedik (0.087). The results of genetic diversity showed that Suchovska and Slovak Goose satisfies criteria for endangered breeds.
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