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Following chart showing JMBFS journal progress in world scientific database SCOPUS and Web Of Sciences . Equally points from Index Copernicus.

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GoogleGoogle Scholar Metrics

Google Scholar Metrics provide an easy way for authors to quickly gauge the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications. Scholar Metrics summarize recent citations to many publications, to help authors as they consider where to publish their new research.

Actual Google scholar metrics 2016

h5 index : 15

h5 median : 21

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History of scholar metrics: 

2015: h5 index – 15, h5 median – 17

2014: h5 index – 11, h5 median – 12

2013: h5 index – 5, h5 median – 6


We are pleased to announce that journal ,,The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences” (ISSN 1338-5178) was positively evaluated in IC Journals Master List. (Index Copernicus Value). Detailed scoring can be found in the Detailed Report of the evaluation.

Year 2019, was resulted in score given ICV 106.87 points

Year 2018, was resulted in score given ICV 100 points

Year 2017, was resulted in score given ICV 100 points

Year 2016, was resulted in score given ICV 95 points

Year 2015, was resulted in score given ICV 88.22 points

Year 2014, was resulted in score given ICV 64.97 points

Year 2013, was resulted in score given ICV 7.08 points

Year 2012, was resulted in score given ICV 6.42 points

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Quality Factor Review Session, Non-Olympic Times Board Has Accepted 182 Journals For Quality Factor Category Status To List In The Journal Quality Factor Reports.

Lucknow, India– March 23, 2016 – The Non-Olympic Times board today concluded its journal review session with the acceptance of its journal report, in which it recommended to grant Quality Factor Category Status to 182 of 465 journals it evaluated during its review session.

By the Journal Quality factor report (document QF/2016/NOT/1), accepted the Non-Olympic Times board also recommended to grant Quality Factor Roster Status for 182 journals and 283 journals rejected the applications due to incorrect filing the information. There is a possibility that the communication to 283 journals can be re-applied for 2017 review session on March’2017.

182 journals can use the Quality Factor brand logo in their websites, Print version of the journals etc. for further improvement. For 2017, Non-Olympic Times will be sending the announcement for re-submission of listed journals status in Dec’2016.

The Journal Quality factor Reports listed journals have been reviewed and approved by the review board of quality factor, it is recommended for Quality factor Roster Status. 182 Journals are evaluated based on their submission, journals website, DOAJ website, ISI Web of Science website, Scopus Website, Science Citation Index (SCI)/Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) website etc.


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