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The main focus of the journal is the regular publication of original scientific articles, short communications, and reviews in the fields of animal, plant, and environmental microbiology. These areas encompass various organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, protozoa, and viruses. Additionally, the journal covers topics related to microbial, animal, and plant biotechnology and physiology, as well as microbial, plant, and animal genetics, molecular biology, agriculture, and food chemistry. It also addresses subjects like biochemistry, food control, evaluation, and processing in food science and environmental sciences.

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Publishing in JMBFS offers three key benefits: high-quality standards, free open access, and acceptance of diverse article types. Authors can expect rigorous peer-review, global accessibility, and the opportunity to contribute original research, reviews, and more. Choose JMBFS for quality, open access, and versatility in publishing your work.


Publishing in JMBFS ensures high-quality standards through peer-review, guaranteeing the publication of scientifically significant research. By choosing JMBFS, authors can trust that their work will undergo thorough evaluation, contributing to the overall excellence of the journal and enhancing the impact of their research.


JMBFS provides free open access publishing, allowing readers worldwide to freely access and read all published articles without any subscription or paywall restrictions. This open access model promotes wider dissemination of research, increasing visibility and impact for authors.


JMBFS accepts three main types of articles: original papers, reviews, and short communications. Original papers present new research findings, reviews provide comprehensive evaluations of a specific topic, and short communications offer concise reports on significant scientific advancements.

Indexing and Partnerships

Through collaborations with renowned organizations and platforms in the academic community, we enhance the visibility and accessibility of our published research. Our affiliations with reputable databases and research metric platforms ensure widespread recognition and indexing of our articles. These partnerships reflect our commitment to fostering a thriving research ecosystem and facilitating the dissemination of valuable scientific knowledge.

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