JMBFS in Scopus

JMBFS in Scopus

The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences (JMBFS) was accepted into the Scopus database in 2016 and has since experienced consistent growth in its metrics. Year after year, the journal has demonstrated an upward trend in various key performance indicators, such as citations, downloads, and impact factor, reflecting its increasing influence and relevance in the scientific community.

Furthermore, JMBFS is listed and indexed in four categories in Scopus, namely Microbiology, Biotechnology, Food Science, and Molecular biology. This multidisciplinary coverage allows the journal to attract a diverse range of research papers and contributes to its broad readership across different fields.

The inclusion of JMBFS in Scopus across multiple categories highlights its multidimensional focus and the interdisciplinary nature of its content. It provides a platform for researchers, scientists, and professionals from various disciplines to exchange knowledge and advancements in the fields of microbiology, biotechnology, and food sciences.

With its growing metrics and wide-ranging coverage in Scopus, JMBFS continues to establish itself as a reputable journal for high-quality research publications. The journal’s commitment to maintaining rigorous editorial standards and promoting innovative research makes it a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners in these scientific domains.

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