JMBFS in Web of Science

JMBFS in Web of Science

The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences (JMBFS) was accepted into the Web of Science database in 2017. Despite entering the database in 2017, all articles from the inception of the journal are included in the Web of Science database. Journal JMBFS has seen consistent growth in its metrics year after year, demonstrating its increasing impact and influence in the scientific community.

In the Web of Science database, JMBFS is categorized under Food Science. This categorization highlights the journal’s focus on research related to food science, covering various aspects such as microbiology, biotechnology, and related fields.

The inclusion of JMBFS in the Web of Science database signifies its recognition as a reputable journal for high-quality research. Being indexed in the database ensures that the journal’s articles are discoverable and accessible to researchers, scholars, and professionals in the field of food science.

With its presence in the Web of Science database, JMBFS provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and advancements in food science. Researchers and practitioners can access and reference the journal’s articles, spanning from its inception to the present, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the scientific developments in the field.

JMBFS‘ inclusion in the Web of Science database underscores its commitment to maintaining rigorous editorial standards and promoting impactful research. The journal continues to contribute to the advancement of food science by facilitating the dissemination of innovative studies and fostering collaboration among researchers worldwide.

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